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This is a blog. It is mine. Go away. May 26, 2010

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Stay away from this. It belongs to me. Stop reading. NOW.

I told you to stop. Why won’t you listen to me?

Are you still there?

Will you bring me some doughnuts?

What? You think I don’t need any? My bulging waistline is none of your concern. Just get the pastries.

And YES, it is DOUGHNUT. Donut is not a word. Neither are veggies or thru or alright. And it’s barbecued, not barbequed.


One Response to “This is a blog. It is mine. Go away.”

  1. Katy Read Says:

    I think you may be coming down a little hard on donut. And personally, I like the insouciance of “drive-thru.” But you’re right about barbequed. If God wanted us to spell the whole word out with a Q, He would have pronounced it bar-be-KWED.

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