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Virtual Vandalism March 12, 2017

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trump hate

I did not actually commit vandalism during the presidential election, but I virtually vandalized this truck on the highway right next to my home town.

I didn’t find it funny, either. Just sad. And it feels the same way four months later.

My county (Polk) voted for Trump. Most of Minnesota, geography-wise, voted for Trump. My previous county (Beltrami), which is quite blue for being in northern Minnesota, even voted for Trump. And I hoped that progressives would be proven wrong, that Trump would turn around and be more moderate to try to truly appeal to everyone.

But, as a friend of mine said, it’s not as good as he’d hoped but worse than he’d feared. While conservatives call us snowflakes and accuse us of “whining” over the election and tell us to “get over it,” they’re ignoring what we’re actually saying. We’re saying that bad and dangerous things are happening, and they’ve been happening all through this presidency. Astonishingly inappropriate cabinet members that are astonishingly being approved by the Republican majority, including Republicans who spoke out against the picks but still voted for them. Perplexing and disturbing executive orders. Scary information from/about Russia. Alternative facts. Accusations of “fake news” when the media reports information it’s supposed to report. And so much more.

This is a good way to keep up with all of this like we haven’t had to do with any previous president.

Every day is a new day, and every day is a day that anything can happen. It’s ridiculous to talk about “whining” when we don’t know if we’ll have an EPA or a department of education, what will happen with the presidency in the next few months, let alone the next few years, and what our future will look like.




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